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Islamist extremists a 'serious threat' in Canada: CSIS

                                                    New York City, September 11, 2001

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After a long Christmas break, i'm back bringing you the latest news stories for those who follow the current events and/or justice thread. Today's verbatim article by DANIEL PROUSSALIDIS of the QMI AGENCY speaks to the state of Canada's immigration policy. In my estimation, this is the single greatest challenge of our time, just as Hitler was to the previous generation. What we say and do will determine the world our children will inherit. As usual, my response is below and there is room for your comment below that but please keep your comments smart and civil. Don't attack other readers personally, and keep your language decent... 

An alarming CSIS threat assessment concludes dangerous Islamists have made Canada home and put the country at risk. "Sunni Islamist radicalization leading to violence is a serious threat to both Canada and its allies," says CSIS in a heavily censored February 2012 assessment released through an Access to Information request.

The assessment also finds that "a large number of venues have been, and continue to be, used to further Islamist extremist ideology" in Canada. While the RCMP has connected places like the Salaheddin Islamic Centre in Toronto to efforts to indoctrinate people in extremist Muslim ideology, CSIS finds radicals are created through other venues too.

Its report finds that husbands, wives and siblings push each other into extremist thinking, while others are drawn into support of Islamist violence through chat rooms on jihadi websites or in Canadian prisons.
In other cases, CSIS finds Islamists are immigrating to Canada.

"On occasion, the radicalization process appears to take place largely outside Canada, either prior to the extremists' arrival in our country or after a conscious decision to leave Canada," says the spy service.
CSIS doesn't expect the problem to go away soon. "The Service assesses that radicalization will continue to develop in the foreseeable future in Canada," its report says.

A CSIS spokeswoman say Canadians should be aware of genuine dangers. "Canada has been identified as a legitimate target by various individuals who espouse the ideology of Al Qaeda, and has not been immune from the more recent phenomenon of 'home-grown' terrorism," said Tahera Mufti in an e-mail.

...postscript 1...

This Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) report on Sunni Islamist radicalization within our borders sets off alarm bells for author and journalist Tarek Fatah. "We, Muslim Canadians, know the truth," Fatah told Sun News Network. "We know much more than CSIS does and I can tell you this is a very watered down version of reality that they've let out. There are people in this country who would wish and hope to die if they could so something to destroy Western civilization."

Fatah says his native Pakistan is the focal point for Islamist terrorism and that Canada should be very wary of young men who travel there and then come back to the country. His warnings come after CSIS released a heavily-censored threat assessment that says Islamist radicals occasionally come to Canada from abroad.
The assessment also warns radicalization is happening in Canadian prisons, families, and through jihadi websites.

Even so, the Council on American-Islamic Relations Canada takes a more measured view of the assessment.
"In terms of judging CSIS's conclusions or not, that's very difficult to do," said the council's executive director Ihsaan Gardee. "They're obviously operating with a lot more information than we are."

Gardee says studying radicalism is important, but he's worried the CSIS assessment could "lead to a general re-emphasizing of stereotypes and myths that people hold against people from a Muslim background."
Fatah says Muslims themselves need to marginalize those who are willing to kill themselves and others.
"This is a war between Muslims and Islamists," he said.

...postscript 2...

Tarek Fatah’s column “Trudeau has a choice” (Dec. 19) is the latest incarnation of fear-mongering parading as fair comment, according to Ihsaan Gardee, CAIR-CAN Executive Director. Let’s begin with the plain truth: The Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-CAN) has never supported or associated with Hamas, as Fatah and his fellow travellers are wont to suggest. These smears are designed for one purpose only — to create false suspicions around Canadian Muslim institutions. CAIR-CAN is a national, independent, not-for-profit organization with a mandate to promote and protect the civil liberties of Canadian Muslims, advocate for their public interests and challenge Islamophobia. Our organization speaks for a broad and diverse spectrum of Canadian Muslims, working frequently with various human rights, faith-based and community groups. CAIR-CAN has a proud record of effective advocacy for human rights, civic engagement and anti-extremism; no amount of mudslinging by Fatah or others will change reality.

Toronto Sun editor comment....Tarek stands by his column and we stand by Tarek

                                                    Aqsa Parvez, murdered by her family at 14
my response...

When Canadians are asked to respond to the CSIS threat assessment, the common thread appears to be, "Deport any that don't want to be Canadian!" Anthony Neil says, "Australia has it right.. Come to Canada you make the adjustments to Canadian lifestyle.. leave your ways at the home you left. Time for the left wing weak ideals of protecting our Canada to be ignored or Lynn Purvis who says, "send them back to where they came from. I think any who espouse the ideology should be put on a plane immediately, and black-listed."

                                                              Is this what Stoning looks like?

Sid Matheson says, "I hope Canada sees fit to deport them. We should have no truck with terrorists or unCanadian ideologies." Even James Robertson says, "Canada should treat Islamist immigrants the same way that Australia does, you either adopt to our culture, speak English, and we are Christians therefore if you do not like our way of life then get out."

                                                          An Iraqi child fleeing a war zone!

So why is this such a problem for our politicians? 

Adrie Bisenberger-Kromhout Jzn has a solution...CSIS "have identified the dangerous problem. The government is aware of it. The individuals involved have been targeted. Then what is there to talk about? Remove the known elements from Canadian soil pronto without ANY further discussion, explanation, apologies or politically-correct BS.

                                                        Stop female genital mutilation now!

It is hardly a secret that Canada's immigration policy, up to the time that current Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, Jason Kenney decided to clean up the mess he inherited had been an embarrassment. The suspicion was; under the previous Liberal government, folks were allowed to board planes from wherever, land in Pearson Airport and Canada would welcome them with health care and welfare. Was it images of female genital mutilation that got folks upset? Was it the Stoning of Soraya M that enraged the country? Was it the honour killing of little Aqsa Parves who was strangled by her family and still lies in an unmarked grave in Mississauga that finally resulted in the wake-up call?

Thankfully, seemingly open immigration is now coming to a close but we are saddled with some undesirables, to be sure. What say you, readers?


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A threat in Canada? didn't we welcome with health care and welfare?

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