Thursday, 29 September 2011

A letter to the editor from 10 year old....

My name is Owen, i'm 10 years old, I live in Toronto, i'm in grade 5 and I get good marks in math. Although I don't read the newspaper very much, I do get it handed to me sometimes when stuff about kids is written.

On Saturday, I read that "Queen's Park rolled out a new financial literacy curriculum" because "it's evident parents aren't doing well financially" with "60% of those 18 to 29 years carrying some debt; more than 1/3 owing $10,000 or more" and the "average Canadian is $100,000 in debt. That's twice as much as 20 years ago!" This I didn't know.
I guess they don't think we will 'do well financially' either so this subject will start with kids in grade 4 to teach us about saving our allowance and other stuff.  
Then I read another newspaper article and it said that "Queen's Park annual budget deficit is $16.3 billion dollars," as in $16,300,000,000 and the "accumulated debt exceeds $235 billion dollars," as in $235,000,000,000. When I asked my family who was going to pay all those zeros back, they said it would be up to me and the other kids.

Is this true?


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