Sunday, 18 September 2011

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath's Buy Ontario policy is up for discussion!

September 18, 2011,

Will Liberal leader Dalton McGuinty and PC leader, Tim Hudak join NDP Andrea Horwath in offering a Buy Ontario policy to the voters? It's not too late to rebuild our local manufacturing industry!

Ontarian's are in a credit crisis that was exacerbated drastically when we where asked to bail out those deemed 'Too Big to Fail' in the private sector three years ago, during which time many of those making things that Ontarian's want were ignored.

Some have said it would have been better to support our local manufacturing and guarantee taxpayer savings by opening up a provincial bank and just let the greedy collapse!

As it is, onerous government debt has spiraled out of control and led to a sea-change in attitude towards risk. Is it true that our government can only finance this new debt on top of old debt on the backs of our children and grandchildren?

Why did the taxpayer have to support those judged as 'Too Big'?  That is a question for the voters to ask they're candidates but many said it didn't pass the smell test at the time and some say it smells worse now as it forced the taxpayer to became responsible for the risky behaviour of the protected vested interests; who continue with impunity!

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