Friday, 30 September 2011

October 1st...

I am distressed by the arrogance of certain Provincial Liberals with their farcical attempts to focus the taxpayer's attention away from real issues and now to make matters worse, it looks like they are not even interested in taking the high road in the election with their TV attacks on Andrea and Tim.

The original 'someone named Tim' ads brought to us by Liberal back-room operators Marcel Wieder and Patrick Dillon of the Provincial Building and Construction Trades Council ended up being a thinly veiled attempt to discredit a large block of campaign donators; no doubt causing apoplexy at tax and spend Liberal fundraising headquarters.

Cowardly, disgraceful and sneaky, the ads; ostensibly paid for with union dues were a disaster for mainstream Liberal supporters well before the election campaign got underway!

Considering that Dalton McGuinty and the Liberals have doubled the accumulated debt to around $235,000,000,000; the largest in Ontario's history, one would think that surely the people of Ontario would question his leadership on that alone. Why would I assume this? Because we did the same thing to Bob Rae and the NDP in the mid-90's when he almost bankrupted Ontario, and to this day, people continue to bring up Rae when the subject of  Horwath and the NDP ever having election success. Andrea held her own, even though Hudak and McGuinty were obviously gentle with her at the debate but it's no secret, like Hampton before her, she has little chance of ever winning based upon the Rae experiment. Perhaps they are thinking of her more as a partner?

As incredible as it sounds, Ontario is now a have-not province and, still the Liberals are only behind the PC's slightly with a smoothe McGuinty promising something new everyday to catch up. Never mind the lies, the scandals, the lies, the boondoggles, the lies; all of it doesn't matter because Dalton is teflon; nothing sticks to this guy. We in Ontario love to complain about the Liberals and their lies, but we are quick to re-elect them because apparently the other parties are suspect, too! So it is not as if we actually like Dalton, we just don't know if we can trust Tim Hudak and Andrea Horwath.

Will this be an election of choosing the right government, or about choosing one that doesn't smell as bad as the other?

Already there has been much controversy, with the Liberal plan to give tax credits to companies that hire skilled workers that have immigrated to Ontario at the expense of Ontario-educated workers and Horwath promising to raise Corporation Tax that may finish off whatever manufacturing we have left. Couple that with the Union attack ads being aired by Working Families and the Teacher's, it is sure to be a knuckle- busting fight to the it should be!

Maybe when all is said and done next Thursday, can the old "let's blame Bob Rae for ruining Ontario" be laid to rest?


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