Sunday, 14 August 2011

Chief won’t resign over G20,

Chief won’t resign over G20,

 by: Brendan Kennedy and Jennifer Yang, Staff Reporters, Toronto Star,

Friday, June 24, 2011, 
With G20 thugs refusing to apologise after sentencing, should it really surprise anyone when the union miscreant who led the Black Bloc parade now calls for Chief Blair's resignation?  Even Adam Vaughan calls it a disgrace for people to blame Chief Blair for the G20 riot!!
And why are the other G20 riot organizers who exhorted the crowd to violence on that fateful Saturday morning in Allan Gardens one year ago remaining unrepentant? Do they not share responsibility? As vandals face their justice, too many G20 riot leaders remain conspicuous by their absence!

While Vancouver's Police Chief, Jim Chu certainly could have prepared as well as the RCMP did here, Vancouverites are to be commended for taking their images to separate the innocent bystander from the rioter for there is nothing illegal about being in the streets but not when you are trying to set police cruisers on fire!

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