Sunday, 14 August 2011

G20 hearings should answer these questions,

G20 hearings should answer these questions,

by: ,Toronto Sun, 

Thursday, May 12, 2011,

We are told that we'll get an opportunity to share our views and opinions on the role that civilian oversight should play 'with respect to the policing of major events' when the G20 Summit holds three hearings in Toronto on June 1, 6, and 13, 2011. But what about justice for the riot organizers who exhorted the crowd to violence on that fateful Saturday morning in Allan Gardens? 

As the vandals face their justice, riot leaders are not to be found. Do they not share in the responsibility? It wouldn't surprise me if riot leaders have become irrelevant in the eyes of their followers by their absence as G20 violence left riot organizers with a black eye after a poll told us that 3 of 4 Torontonians and 2 of 3 Canadians believe police treatment of protesters during the summit was justified and doubtless led to Toronto electing Mayor Ford and gave Stephen Harper the majority he so desperately craved!

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