Monday, 22 August 2011

Tar sands anger spills,

by: Reuters, Toronto Sun,

August 22, 2011,

While a small group of environmental doomsayers gather outside the White House, President Obama is faced with a momentous decision! Should he abandon the very people who brought him victory or will he change course and protect America's future energy needs by minimizing dependence on foreign oil? Developing the Keystone XL Canadian/American pipeline will no doubt generate enormous economic activity, creating more than 100,000 American jobs; high-paying construction jobs in the short and long term as well as generate over $5 billion in new property tax revenue for bankrupt states but if the President does not grant approval, then we will no doubt start selling our oil to China, India, and other countries that will bring no environmental benefit to the United States, bring further misery to American workers and to make matters worse, further increase U.S. energy dependence on oil produced by tyrannical regimes. President Obama has some severe soul-searching to do in the fall!

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