Thursday, 25 August 2011

Rights dispute exposes deep rifts at OFL,

by: Tony Van Alpen, Toronto Star,
August 25, 2011,

A combined union revolt against OFL President Sid Ryan has clearly served to silence the voice of organized labour in this province with five unions cutting their per capita payments to the OFL in half that forced staff cuts; weakening effectiveness!
While support for Ryan was strong in January 2010 when he took over at the OFL, it is suspected that his slide began in earnest when he lead the disastrous G20 Riot Parade that June. Is it possible that his antics provided a needless boost to the election campaigns of Rob Ford and Stephen Harper?
It can't be discounted that Ryan has become an embarrassment to organized labour so will the unions forgive Ryan or has the time come for new leadership? We will all know at the OFL leadership vote this November.

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