Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Ford begs for provincial cash,

by: Jonathan Jenkins and Antonella Artuso, Queen's Park Bureau, Toronto Sun,

Without a doubt, Mayor Rob Ford's prospects for success in eliminating or at least reducing the outrageous debt left by the Miller Gang are dim unless Premier McGuinty agrees to reject the Rand Formula, like four other provinces have done! Otherwise, labour peace when negotiating fair wages for city employees may be at risk! Archaic regulations forcing private and public employers to deduct a portion of the salaries of all employees within a bargaining unit, union members or not, to be paid to the union as union dues treats all worker's as hostages and is not fair to those workers who do not want to join a union! Over 600 city workers crossed the picket line during last summer's garbage strike despite former Mayor Miller's policy of union appeasement by not providing replacement workers to clean up his mess. Has the time come to respect worker's rights? Mayor Ford's promise to 'stop the gravy train' needs this onerous legislation repealed or certainly, tense days loom on the labour front for city employees.

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