Friday, 21 October 2011

Could a confrontation be in the works?

October 21, 2011,

As a few prepare to rally outside Toronto's New City Hall tomorrow, some are concerned that undesirable elements, like OCAP and Union leaders may bring unwanted chaos to what is intended as a peaceful albeit loosely-organized event calling for more attention and support from citizens in their quest to denounce banks and corporations A worst case scenario is a good first couple of days and then have the police come in like they did at the G20.

We are told they have a peaceful message that's non-violent, but despite the organizers' best intentions, some are concerned anarchists, like the Black Bloc and other thugs could co-opt the rally and turn it into yet another G20-style standoff between police and whomever they can attract.

Unfortunately, it has been reported that the organizers have stopped communicating with some in the media, but it is important to continue to get the word out, particularly given concerns that some individuals; undesirable to the rally appear to be inserting themselves into the dialogue as evidenced by a few Facebook pages, in which some posters are concerned that the rally could quickly deteriorate into violence should agents provocateurs be allowed the run of the protest. Some Facebook devotees make comments that would seem to indicate confrontation could be in the works.

I'm certain rally organizers do not wish to incite or invite problems with the police or the citizens of Toronto. Vancouver's Stanley Cup riot showed the world the power of social media when everyday citizens turned their cellphones to the rioters, taking over 5,000 images. Vancouver Police are still pouring over these!

While organizers have resisted the urge to name one specific leader; i'm certain a conscious choice on their part but some have started forming committees. Will some of the messages on the minds of individuals be lost?

It's been reported that a lot of voices have been silenced or being ignored. The rally needs to be led by everyday people and not activists, because when it's everyday people leading it, more everyday people will get involved.


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