Sunday, 16 October 2011

Letter to the Editor - NY Times October 16, 2011

Buoyed by Wall St. Protests, Rallies Sweep the Globe,


October 16, 2011

Three police injured already at the scene of the crime; trying to maintain peace in front of the occupiers only makes the Customs and Border Protection's attempt to impose  'fencing and other barriers to movement' along the 5,000 mile northern frontier; from Maine to the Pacific Ocean all the more ludicrous.

Advocates such as Arizona State Senator Stephen Smith has sought to justify the $49 million expenditure by creating a website, Build the Border Fence, inviting citizens to donate to the cause of building 'tactical security infrastructure' at strategic points.

So, as the Wall Street occupation; with no end in sight turns more violent, doesn't it seem unfair to prevent Americans from escaping to more peaceful grounds?


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