Friday, 21 October 2011

Is this really the Rally Cry?

"We, the 99%, will not accept cuts to our social services while our public funds are spent on corporate bailouts only to disappear into corporate tax holes."

Wait just a minute.....

Canadian banks were NOT bailed out. However, GM and Chrysler were bailed out. Who benefited from the Auto bailout? The Canadian Auto Workers UNION!!! Who ganged up on our meek premier, The Canadian Auto Workers UNION!!!

This means that under duress, tax dollars from hardworking Canadians were used to bailout union workers and not banks!

So, would the rally organizers please clarify your position on bailouts? If we're protesting the use of taxpayer funds to bail out extortionist unions....then yes, we're in, just tell us where and when and we can all protest together!

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