Sunday, 2 October 2011

Debt will affect us all,

Letter to the Editor, Toronto Sun,

by: Anne Robinson, 
October 2, 2011,

Anne questions, "why are we such economic illiterates that we can't see what is happening in Ontario?" Rest assured Anne, it's been well reported that Queen's Park annual budget deficit is $16.3 billion dollars," as in $16,300,000,000.00 and the "accumulated debt exceeds $235 billion dollars," as in $235,000,000,000.00 which has doubled in the last 8 years, so voters are well aware. And they're doing something about it!

As the recent municipal campaign shows, many voters have finally developed DAD, 'deficit attention disorder'. Could this mean that it won't be up to our grandkids and their friends to deal with a Tax and Spend mentality? We'll know on October 6th!

Brian Weller,

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