Sunday, 16 October 2011

Letters: Diverse frustrations preoccupy Toronto protesters,

Inside view: Diverse frustrations preoccupy Toronto protesters,

by: Niamh Scallan, Toronto Star, Staff Reporter,

Monday, October 17, 2011,
While it maybe a low blow when one demonstrator called the movement a “war on apathy”; considering that McGuinty's Liberals only needed 18% of the eligible vote to claim victory, does it really surprise anyone that OccupyTO presents itself as more than disdain for corporate greed and political indifference by a few ready to sabotage the ‘movement of the people’ as 45 Police lay injured in 3 other cities?  
But if marching down Bay Street every morning to interrupt business folk on their way to work is the plan, then it will prove that the 'hot-heads' are really the organizers and forcing a showdown with Police is their goal.
So regardless of budget cuts or new hires, should we see riots in the streets again, will the re-elected head of the police services board, Alok Mukherjee insist on military security so the new board won’t neglect it's health and safety duty, like the Miller-led board did with G20 when 93 of our combined forces were injured?
Governing statute notes that while the board may give the chief of police orders and directions, the Toronto Police Services Board is ultimately responsible for the health and safety of all staff. In the case of G20, so far there has been precious little evidence of meaningful orders and directions and even less regard for the health and safety of staff.
As the G20 riot unfolded, Toronto residents watched helplessly as thugs on TV were throwing rocks and other projectiles, smashing their bats and hammers and burning taxpayer property! Even though Mayor Ford has since rid the board of some dead wood, we need to hear the new board's plan for the future, lest it be accused of ignoring the warning and repeating the same mistakes!


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