Saturday, 22 October 2011

What will it take for union elites and their poverty pimps to prove they were not responsible for the election of Ford?

October 22, 2011

That question was on many lips when the Municipal campaign was over! G20 violence, coupled with the Toronto garbage strike; when the union turned on former Mayor Miller; their trusted benefactor no less, was the beginning of the end for CUPE and OCAP influence in Toronto.

So the question is.....will the union elites and their poverty pimps finally show the peaceful St. James Park crowd who's really in charge today outside new City Hall? Regardless of their feeble attempts to profess to be socialists,  union elites and their poverty pimps both are as close to the stereotype, evil, greedy capitalist malignant power brokers they espouse such hatred for.

Saying they will be "protesting cuts proposed by the Ford administration" simply proves once again that when union leaders and their poverty pimps find a source of income, regardless of how despicable or corrupt the process, they are without conscience. Their penchant for resembling a parasite by binding to their victim in a 'death 'til us part' spiral that is merciless towards anything that might impede that source of income is exposed again for all to see.

Should the unions elites and their poverty pimps co-opt the St. James Park crowd today where they are most vulnerable; the narrative, can we expect the ubiquitous propaganda to change? Canadians can always recognize a phony!


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