Monday, 24 October 2011

Letter: Hands up, Toronto,

Hands up, Toronto,

by: Jayme Poisson, Toronto Star, Staff Reporter,

October 23, 1022,

They have been trying to convince everyone for the last couple of weeks that they are the majority but one can only wonder about folks who would camp in a park in inclement weather to draw attention to Marxists and assorted characters. Hasn't the thought occurred that in order to effect change, you need to part of the process? We just went though an election where the majority voted for None of the Above, by not bothering to fulfill their civic duty!

The St. James Park gang certainly can't be judged as apathetic but they continue to marginalize themselves as they spin their stories among themselves with a sea of twinkling fingers and quirky hand signals; like, 1st guy hears his delusion spoken by a close friend who just heard from another friend who heard it first from the 1st guy...Well, THAT makes it true. Must be! How long must they camp until they realize their message and their method doesn't resonate?


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