Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Letter: Pampered Protesters

Pampered protesters,

by: Joe Warmington, Toronto Sun,

It certainly is not fair that non-violent, albeit leaderless Occupiers; who present themselves with little more than disdain for corporate greed and political indifference, get to do what 99% of us can not do! Could this be another Caledonia in the making?
It's already been reported that intimidation within has folks in the crowd concerned about violent confrontation should they be ordered to change course! What will happen if a former G20 leader emerges and prepares to sabotage the ‘occupation movement of the people’ by imposing their will and forcing a showdown with Police?
Governing statute notes that while the board may give the chief of police orders and directions, the Toronto Police Services Board is ultimately responsible for the health and safety of all staff. In the case of G20, so far there has been precious little evidence of meaningful orders and directions and even less regard for the health and safety of staff. Should a violent confrontation result, will the re-elected head of the police services board, Alok Mukherjee insist that the new board neglect it's health and safety duty again, like the Miller-led board did with G20 when 93 of our combined forces were injured?
As the G20 riot unfolded, Toronto residents watched helplessly at thugs throwing rocks and other projectiles, smashing their bats and hammers, beating innocent bystanders and setting fire to taxpayer property! Even though Mayor Ford has since rid the board of some dead wood, we need to hear the new board's plan for dealing with violent confrontation against their staff, lest it be accused of ignoring history and repeating the same mistakes!


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